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Aren't You Somebody?

How one piercing question changed the lives of hundreds of children
A midnight hotel door knock in Asia changed the life of American Doug Brown forever – he was offered a child for rent. That evil horror, met with a divine challenge the next morning from a Thai pastor, defined the next few decades of Doug’s mission.
Joe Phillips, the writer  and director, visited a Children’s Home in Thailand in 2015 and was impacted by what he saw. He was inspired to tell a story about real world problems and about some of the heroes that solve them.
March 19, 2020 rolled around and we had a 700-seat, historic theater secured for a live premiere. The tux, the red carpet, and the movie posters were purchased and ready. Then, COVID-19 happened, essentially shutting everything down that very same week.
There were a couple of circumstances that led us to this digital premiere decision. Several really terrible health issues in the family led us to discern that this project kicked a spiritual hornet’s nest. So we decided to push back by simply giving the film away to anyone in the world with access to a screen.
The parable of the talents chastises anyone burying their talent.
We simply could not bury the film one more day.
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